For Parents

Welcome to the companion website for the Transition to Parenthood Podcast! Find all the episodes on the podcast page and click here for my checklist of Labor Comfort Techniques (a “cheat sheet” for labor support – the picture below offers a preview).

labor comfort techs

I have transcripts of every episode (find links on the podcast page), plus a collection of brief articles on preconception, healthy pregnancy, maternity care options, and labor and birth. Just click on any of the links in the right hand side bar (or at the bottom of this page on mobile devices).

If you want to learn even more, three great comprehensive resources are:

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide. I am one of the authors of this book, which covers these topics in detail. Each of the authors has decades of experience working with families, so the information is based on both research and on the everyday realities of birth and parenting.

Lamaze for Parents website. Sign up for their weekly e-newsletter or download the Pregnancy to Parenting app. Or learn about their 6 Healthy Birth Practices – these flyers and videos share evidence-based advice on ways to have a safe, healthy birth, using only the interventions that are necessary.

Childbirth Connection website. Start with their Ten Tips for Taking Charge of Your Maternity Care, and Pathway to a Healthy Birth, which focuses on the role hormones play in guiding you and your baby toward a healthy birth.

In each of the articles on this site, you’ll find links to lots of other great resources.